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Tiffani Thiessen: “Everything I Do Is For My Family”

Celebrity Baby Scoop | by Jenny Schafer | April 14, 2011

We’ve loved her since she played the all-American teen, Kelly Kapowski, in Saved by the Bell and the lovable vixen, Valerie Malone, in Beverly Hills, 90210. Tiffani Thiessen has recently taken on her greatest role of all: Mom to nearly 10-month-old daughter Harper. After having trouble decorating her nursery, the actress along with Design Star finalist Lonni Paul created PetitNest, a new line of baby furniture, bedding and wall art.

Tiffani opens up to Celebrity Baby Scoop about her latest creative adventure, how motherhood has changed her, plans for baby No. 2 and playdates with former Beverly Hills, 90210 costar and good pal, Jason Priestley. Lonni also talks about their new business and her experiences as a working mother.

CBS: Tell us about your new line of baby furniture, bedding and wall art called PetitNest. What inspired you to start the line?

TT: “When designing my nursery with Lonni while I was pregnant I didn’t see a lot out there that appealed to my aesthetic taste. So Lonni and I thought, ‘Hey, why not design our own,’ never thinking we would actually be here a year later with PetitNest.”

CBS: Do you find it challenging to find time to work now that you’re a mom?

TT: “It’s always a struggle to find time for anything it seems now that I am a mom. Between my time with Harper, shooting my TV show White Collar and then launching PetitNest, I hardly have any free time. But it’s all worth it. I enjoy every bit of it. And I have always been someone who likes to have a lot going on. It’s in my genes to be busy. You should meet my mother!”

CBS: How’s baby Harper doing? What is she into these days? What does she do to make you laugh?

TT: “She’s amazing! She blows me away on a daily basis with the things she discovers and does. She’s about ready to walk which is exciting and scary at the same time. And when she laughs it lights up my entire world. I can spend hours on end trying to make her laugh.”

CBS: How has motherhood changed you?

TT: “Being a mom has put everything in perspective for me. How the little things don’t mean anything anymore. My life is truly all about her and everything I do is for my family.”

CBS: Has Harper had any playdates with any of your Beverly Hills, 90210 and their kids?

TT: “We spend a lot of time with Jason [Priestley], Naomi, Ava and Dash. They are a big part of our lives. It’s been great to share parenthood with them.”

CBS: Are you hoping to add more children to the family one day?

TT: “Yes of course. Not anytime real soon but we would love to have more kids.”

Lonni Paul, award-winning designer and the reigning female finalist from HGTV’s Design Star also opens up to Celebrity Baby Scoop. Read on…

CBS: Tell us about PetitNest. What inspired you to start the line? How did you connect with Tiffani on this?

LP: “I met Tiffani while on Design Star. It was her guest room I designed for the celebrity challenge. We hit it off right away and later when we worked together designing a nursery for Harper we realized we wanted something different that wasn’t on the market. We set out to design a classic, modern and timeless furniture line that would grow with your child. We wanted our furniture to have a sense of style in that it could be used anywhere in the house. Breaking for the more typical children’s furniture styles. Our dressers and gliders are designed not only for the nursery but can be used by teens and adults as well.”

CBS: Tell us about the eco-friendly aspects of the line.

LP: “We use no-VOC paints, formaldehyde-free adhesives, natural linen with non-toxic dye’s and sustainable manufacturing processes. And also since the furniture can transition from nursery to toddler and beyond, you don’t have to buy new after 3-4 years. That’s the ultimate in eco-friendly.”

CBS: You’re a mom of three kids, tell us about them. What are they into? Do they have a flair for design?

LP: “I have an older son Mick and 5-year-old twins Jett and Sophie. Mick is into golf and movies. He’s a neat freak and loves his room to be clutter-free and modern. We just moved so I’m in the middle of designing the twins’ room. Jett is all about building – anything and everything! He wants the PetitNest tree to be climbable so he can watch the rocket ship he’s designing as it takes off. Sophie is fascinated with books, learning how to spell and anything that has to do with princesses and the color pink. She takes paint swatches and inspiration pictures and hangs them on her walls. She’s really into it and is constantly showing me pictures from my magazines of things she likes. She’s 5 with major opinions. I love it!”

CBS: Do you have a favorite mom moment or memory you can share?

LP: “Being a mom is the best part of my life. There is a new favorite moment almost everyday but my daughter Sophie came up to me last week and said, ‘I always wished for a mommy like you, even before I was born.’ That was a pretty great moment!”

CBS: What advice do you have for moms who want a beautifully-designed home, but can’t seem to make it happen with all the kids toys and baby gear in the way?

LP: “You just can’t get away from the gear when you have kids, but what you can do is buy it in colors that are more aesthetically pleasing and use creative storage solutions to keep it out of the way when it isn’t being used.”

CBS: You were a finalist on HGTV’s Design Star. What was it like to be on that show?

LP: “That was one of the hardest things I’ve ever done. Being away from my family and working crazy long hours doing intense physical labor! But it was worth it in the end. It taught me so much about myself and what I can accomplish. Many wonderful opportunities have come from it. Best of all, I met Tiffani who’s an amazing partner and friend. And now we’ve built PetitNest!

CBS: What’s up next for you?

LP: “One of my design projects involves doing a total remodel on the old James Cagney estate. And of course Tiffani and I are hard at work on a new line of PetitNest toddler furniture and our first book.”

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