Award-winning Interior Designer

Lonni Paul Design has continually redefined modern notions of beauty and elegance,

from her work in luxurious private residences to golf clubs, restaurants and hospitality resorts around the world. From Saudi Arabia to Bel Air and Cabo San Lucas, Lonni Paul’s work and portfolio span a global clientele across a wide variety of industries.

In The Press

Lonni Paul Design makes a 20,000 squarefoot home, owned by developer Ted Foxman, feel intimate and welcoming.

Think of the quintessential celebrity interior designer and a few descriptors will orbit around your mind: an aesthetic driven by luxury, boundless creativity, an eye for detail. Los Angeles-based decorator Lonni Paul, whose client list runs the gamut from Susan and Robert Downey Jr. to Guiliana and Bill Rancic, possesses all of these attributes and more.

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